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Letter of Reference from Roger Ailes

This reference letter from former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes confirms what Mark Masters achieved on Fox’s behalf while still building the “TRN companies”, and evidences what Mark Masters and his team could help to accomplish.

FOX News Channel

Roger Ailes
Chairman and
Chief Executive Office

[Recipient redacted]

I am writing this letter of reference of behalf of Mark Masters, and it is my pleasure to do so.

I know Mark to be a man of great character and trustworthiness. He is one of the few true media entrepreneurs that have proven time and again to possess both large scale creative vision with the ability to execute on that vision in ways which have brought him both success and a reputation for excellence. I experienced this first hand when we at Fox reached out to Mark to help our team build out a new media (Radio) division for Fox here in America.

Not only did Mark agree to help, but for the next two years he jumped in with both feet, often doing much of the heavy lifting for that start up division. Mark helped Fox from concept to execution, flying in his own engineers and staff to make sure execution was spot on, and that our brand was protected. Mark did all this while still building his own company, a company which, according to Bear Stern’s last report in 2007, was the second largest radio network company of its kind in the U.S. I recount the above to express the value and care Mark brings to any endeavor. From my observation of him over time, he has proven himself to be a strategic planner, implementer and a force of nature for job creation, all in one.

Through the years since, Mark has proven to be a friend in good and bad times.

All the best,

Roger Ailes